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It’s the Year of Innovation Storytelling. What’s Your #UntoldInnovation?

2019 is the year of innovation storytelling, and we want you to share your innovation story. So what is innovation storytelling and how can you contribute your voice to this movement?

What is Innovation Storytelling?

Innovation storytelling is the art of communicating new product developments, systems improvements, and ground-breaking new thinking.

There are many storytelling techniques that innovators use to amplify their breakthroughs. From an inspiring personal story about the innovator’s journey to edgy plots that place the innovation itself center stage, there’s more than one way to tell a good innovation story.

If we already agree that 1) there is immense value in sharing what we know and 2) the public is ready to access the insights of experts, then amping-up our ability to communicate innovative ideas is the next important task.

That’s why, in 2019, our team of writers and researchers at Untold Content are sparking a movement for sharing #UntoldInnovation. We’re interviewing innovators in technology, science, medicine, and human-impact sectors to discover the keys of successful innovation storytelling.

Our goal is to explore:

  • How do innovators spread enthusiasm for worthy ideas?
  • How can subject matter experts translate their ideas in ways all people can understand?
  • How can innovators convince skeptics to trust their findings?
  • How do thought leaders inspire the public to adopt new ways of thinking?

What is the #UntoldInnovation Movement?

#UntoldInnovation is a movement to inspire innovation storytelling. Each quarter, we’re focusing on innovation storytelling within a key sector:

Q1 Technology | Q2 Science | Q3 Medicine | Q4 Human-Impact


Each month, we’re interviewing innovators and sharing innovation stories. At the end of each quarter, we’re analyzing storytelling trends within that sector. Plus we’re inviting YOU to nominate innovators and share YOUR inventions, systems improvements, and new ways of thinking using the hashtag #UntoldInnovation.

Be sure to join our community so that you get access to these exclusive interviews and industry content trends.

Next, explore three ways to contribute your voice:

Three Ways to Contribute Your Voice

If you value innovation storytelling, here are three ways to get involved in the #UntoldInnovation movement:

#1 Share Your Innovation Story

Submit your answers to these four questions to

  1. What is your field of specialty: tech, science, medicine, or human-impact?
  2. Where does your personal and/or organizational story of innovation begin?
  3. How will your innovation impact your industry?
  4. What’s one piece of advice that you would share with future innovators?

#2 Nominate an Innovator

You can nominate an innovator in tech, science, medicine, or human-impact sectors for our exclusive interviews. We’re looking for startup founders, executives, experts, board members, scientists, established and aspiring thought leaders. Any and all voices are welcome! We’ll ask four simple questions. Magic, we presume, will ensue.

Fill out this simple form to nominate an innovator:

Innovation Storytelling - Innovative Mindset Training

#3 Share Your #UntoldInnovation

We’re inviting YOU to share your inventions, systems improvements, and new ways of thinking using the hashtag #UntoldInnovation. Try to focus on innovation stories within that quarter’s areas of focus (aka the first quarter months of January-March should focus on tech innovation). Follow the hashtag #UntoldInnovation on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to see each story as it’s published.

Why Share Innovation Stories?

Innovation storytelling catalyzes new product development, economic development, public intellectualism, and startup success. Stories bring awareness for state-of-the-art technologies and practices. Stories compel us to understand complicated ideas. Stories challenge us to think differently.

If we could look into the future, we’re positive that innovation storytelling will play a role in moving the needle forward for tomorrow’s greatest ideas. We can’t wait to hear your voice in the conversation.

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